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    1. 取消《雙倍印花稅》辣招。
    2. 股東全部是香港永久居民的有限公司應豁免繳納《買家印花稅》。
    3. 將換樓期由6個月延長至12個月豁免真正用家繳納的《雙倍印花稅》。
    4. 放寬港人換樓置業按揭。
    5. 全部辣招措施設立日落條款(到期時限)。

    郵寄: GPO Box No.49, Hong Kong
    傳真: 2838 0062
    電郵: shkreal@gmail.com

    網上版簽名表格: http://bit.ly/1eaYxxY

    查詢: 2575 1260


The Society of Hong Kong Real Estate Agents Limited was founded in 1992 as a representative organization for real estate agents in Hong Kong. One of the major objectives of our Society is to enhance the professional standard and to improve the image of estate agents in Hong Kong.

Our membership is made up of both company membership and individual membership. For company membership, we have Category I, II and III depending on the size of each company. We have over 5000 real estate practitioners as members on the year 2011.

The society organizes seminars and fellowship functions regularly in order to equip our members with necessary skills and knowledge in the real estate market. Our council members have quarterly meeting with Estate Agents Authority and regular dialogue with other major estate agents organizations and government departments in order to convey members' concerns and views. Such activities will provide business opportunities for our members and improve the well being of the agents in the industry.

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